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Restoring Lost Songs: Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy


Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France lat. 1154

s. ix ex, West Francia, Limoges by s. xi in

A four-part manuscript comprising (i) litany, (ii) prayers with confessions, the seven penitential psalms, collects and litanies, (iii) Isidore of Seville Synonyma (frag. ends Bk. II. 19), and (iv) versus collection including Boethian metra

  1. O stelliferi (I:5) 
  2. Si vis celsi (IV:6)
  3. Bella bis quinis (IV:7)
  1. PA 1154 fol. 118r
  2. PA 1154 fol. 105v
  3. PA 1154 fol. 119v